Avoiding a Medical Malpractice Claim in New York | What To Know

Thousands of the most passionate and dedicated medical professionals in the world call New York City home. Many of these professionals chose this field in order to help others. Unfortunately, medical professionals can face charges of medical malpractice if they are not careful, potentially risking their careers. But there are actions you can take to nip these claims in the bud. For more information on how to avoid facing medical malpractice claims in New York, please read on, then contact an experienced OPMC / OPD misconduct defense attorney to learn what you need to know about this process and how our firm can help you.

How can a medical professional avoid medical malpractice claims in New York?

In an effort to minimize your exposure to medical malpractice claims, you should undertake the following precautions:

  • Document your appointments: You must have documentation to defend yourself if you are a physician facing accusations of malpractice. A great first step is to document each of your appointments. You will be unable to defend yourself if you do not remember the details of your appointments or procedures. As much as you are able, you should keep tabs on every one of your patients and document each visit.
  • Communicate with your patients openly: As a medical professional, it is absolutely crucial that you focus on your doctor-patient relationships. That means you, as a physician, should take the time to be open and honest with every one of your patients so that your patients will place their trust and confidence in your hands. Your first priority is working in the best interests of your patients by keeping them apprised of everything. You want to enable them to make informed about their own health.
  • Reach out to an attorney: Retaining the services of a knowledgeable and driven OPMC/OPC misconduct defense attorney who has experience dealing with claims of this nature is an important preventative measure if you are facing accusations of medical malpractice. A seasoned legal professional who has the skills and expertise needed to fight such claims can make all the difference in whether or not your career will survive this event.

To learn how our team can help you with medical malpractice claims, please give us a call today. Our legal team stands ready to defend your right to practice medicine in the state of New York, so let us handle the legal work.

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