Can billing fraud affect a doctor?

When patients are charged with medical bills, they usually can expect a certain price. Sometimes they may see that their prices are higher than normal. A third party may also notice this as well. Some doctors can be audited for billing fraud. This can cause them to get into some trouble. If they are found to be guilty of billing fraud, they can be held responsible for this wrongdoing. This can cause them to face penalties that the Office of Professional Medical Conduct to become involved in the situation and enforce penalties upon the doctor for their actions.

Billing fraud can become an issue if a doctor is overcharging their patients and insurance companies choose to audit the doctor and their office to find out more about the situation. WHen these insurance companies conduct an audit into the billing that this doctor’s office does, they may find that the patient is paying much more than they should be paying. This can be used to hold the doctor responsible for taking advantage of a patient. The insurance companies can confront the doctor and demand that they pay back the money that was wrongfully billed back.

What consequences can they face?

Doctors can face medical malpractice suits all the time. This can be a scary time for them. Billing fraud can also have an effect on them as well. Although they may not lose their license for this wrongdoing, they can still face consequences. They will have to go in front of the Office of Professional Medical Conduct to present their case and see what the board decides to inflict on them. This office is able to enforce penalties on healthcare professionals based on their infractions. For cases of billing fraud, doctors may have to pay back large sums of money to avoid further charges. This can be detrimental to their financial life. Not only can this have a financial effect on them, but it may also affect their reputation. When people hear about this case, they may be inclined to switch physicians. This can cause the doctor to face even more financial distress if they are losing patients.

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