Can I Appeal an OPMC Decision in New York?

If you believe that the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) made an unfair ruling against you, then you must do everything in your power to fight against it. This is important because your reputation, let alone your career, is at stake. Follow along to find out whether an appeal on an OPMC decision is possible in New York and how an experienced attorney in OPMC/OPD misconduct defense at Walker Medical Law can guide you in the right direction.

What will happen during an OPMC investigation?

If you are accused of any misconduct, such as sexual misconduct, substance abuse, billing fraud, or otherwise, then this will prompt an OPMC investigation. With this, you should expect the following events to occur:

  1. The OPMC will require you to participate in one or more interviews.
  2. The OPMC will require your past and present employees, your past and present patients, and others involved in your medical practice to participate in one or more interviews.
  3. The OPMC will obtain a great deal of information from your past.
  4. The OPMC will review your case to determine whether you are guilty.

If the OPMC concludes that you neglected to maintain an appropriate standard of care throughout your medical practice, then you will be charged as guilty. With this determination, you may receive a letter of reprimand, probation, the censure of the letter of reprimand, or the revocation of your medical license. Overall, your livelihood has the possibility of being tarnished.

What will happen if I appeal an OPMC decision?

If you believe that you were wrongfully convicted of medical misconduct, then you must not hesitate in filing an appeal with the OPMC board. With this, you should expect the following events to occur:

  1. You will be notified of an appeal hearing by the OPMC board.
  2. The OPMC board will review your case with new information that will prove your innocence.
  3. The OPMC board will decide whether you are guilty.

Importantly, you should hear back from the OPMC board in regard to your appeal within 45 days of your initial filing. Otherwise, you must contact our firm.

It should go without saying that you require strong legal representation for your claim to have a chance at being successful. This is because the rules are quite different in OPMC than they are in other courts, among other reasons. Luckily, you came to the right place, as a talented healthcare misconduct defense attorney at our firm is ready and willing to step in. Notably, we will help you gather the right evidence that proves that you are not guilty of what you are being accused of, among other things. Whenever you are ready, schedule your initial consultation with Walker Medical Law.