Can I Lose My New York Medical License for an Infection?

Diagnosing and treating serious infections in the bloodstream, on the skin and in major organs of the body requires a tremendous amount of skill on the part of health care professionals. When doctors, nurses or other medical professionals make an error, it can result in tragic consequences. The patient can sustain serious injuries or even lose his or her life if a doctor or other health care professional carelessly ignores an infection or tries to treat an infection without taking the proper measures. The failure to prevent, diagnose and treat an infection forms the basis of many medical malpractice and medical misconduct cases in New York. If the circumstances warrant it, the improper treatment of an infection may cause the doctor to lose his or her New York medical license. For more information on whether you can lose your New York medical license as a result of infection, please continue reading, then contact one of our experienced New York health care professional defense lawyers today

What medical errors can cause infections in New York?

Before attempting to treat infections caused by bacteria, fungus, viruses and parasites, physicians should consult with trained professionals. But all too frequently, physicians do not consult with trained professionals. As a result, a medical malpractice or medical misconduct case may arise due to a failure to:

  • Recognize the seriousness of an infection
  • Promptly treat an infection
  • Identify the cause or source of an infection
  • Obtain and culture samples of the infected area before starting antibiotics
  • Match the appropriate antibiotic with the infection
  • Refer the patient to an infectious disease specialist
  • Start antibiotics before surgery in order to prevent an infection

Is there a precedent for revoking a medical license for improper treatment of infectious diseases?

Patients do not expect to become sicker or develop more medical conditions when they go to the doctor. This is especially true for routine procedures such as having your blood drawn. However, this occurred in the case of Doctor Timothy Morley. On September 11th, 2017, the New York State Department of Health and Westchester County Health Department ordered Dr. Morley to stop practicing and close his offices pending a formal hearing.

Later, the state medical board suspended Dr. Morley’s medical license after verifying that several patients contracted serious medical conditions, like Hepatitis C, after receiving an infusion or a blood draw. When he did not contest the charges, the state medical officials placed Dr. Morley on probation. They also permanently barred him from performing injections and intravenous procedures. He had to temporarily hire an infection-control expert to monitor his medical offices and participate in related training before he could seek restoration of his medical license.

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