Can nurses face legal action?

Healthcare professionals are intelligent and have gone through years of education to get to where they are. This education has led them to a job where they take care of other human beings. When tending to someone else’s needs, they should remain aware of situations that can put them in danger. Medical professionals, including nurses, can face legal action from a patient. Patients may not be happy with the care they received. This can range from small inconsistencies that are meaningless or bigger cases that have merit to them. Nurses should remain vigilant to fight for their reputation by obtaining help from legal counsel. Although nurses are caring medical aids, they can be fought against by patients that are angry about their care. Negligence by a nurse can cause patients to file a lawsuit against them.

What happens when a nurse faces a lawsuit?

When nurses are faced with a complaint from a patient that reaches formal legal action, they can be investigated. This investigation will be undertaken by the Office of Professional Discipline. These nurses may have to face disciplinary measures from this office and the Department of Education depending on the case. Allegations of professional misconduct can jeopardize a nurse’s career. They should be sure to acquire legal assistance during this time to avoid any major consequences. They do not want to lose their ability to practice medicine as a nurse. Your governing institution will make sure to launch an investigation when a complaint has been filed against you to make sure they are free from any legal obligations.

Although nurses can be caring professionals, they are subject to discipline from the office that governs medical professionals. If they are unable to practice medicine any longer, they may face a crisis in their life. By losing their career, they can be unable to make money to support themselves. They may also be at risk of never being able to practice again. An allegation from a patient can hold serious weight over a nurse’s future. Acquiring legal help right away is the best way to get ahead of these situations and to prevent life-altering consequences.

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