New York State Physician Profile Information

The State of New York holds medical professionals to a high regard when it comes to ethics in practice. When a medical professional such as a doctor, nurse, staff member, or anyone else dealing with patient matters are not acting according to the Department of Health’s standard, they may find themselves in a bit of a trouble. Some situations can be so serious that the medical professional loses their license to practice medicine forever, effectively putting an end to the career they have worked so hard for. It is essential that all medical professionals maintain their moral compass and do not stray from the Orders of the State Board for Professional Medical Conduct.

When someone files a complaint regarding a medical professional’s behavior, the Office of Professional Medical Conduct will launch an investigation into these claims and hold a hearing to determine the punishments that the individual should face, if need be. Any information regarding the following subjects will be available for public viewing on the New York State Physician Profile:

  • Information regarding the doctor’s medical education
  • Information regarding any language translation services available at their office
  • Information regarding any legal actions that have been taken against the doctor

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