NY Pharmacist Guilty of Selling $9 Million in Pills

Headlines broke today about an 83-year-old pharmacist from Rockland County, New York who pleaded guilty to a massive scheme selling illegal prescription drugs between March 2014 through July 2016. Throughout the course of the illegal sales of more than 5 million Butalbital pills, the doctor pocketed $9 million. However, with his guilty plea today, he has agreed to forfeit that money. Butalbital is a medication that is generally prescribed to treat migraines through pain killers and caffeine. These pills were illegally sold over the Internet to people who did have this medication prescribed to them.

Many physicians and pharmacists have recently come under fire for prescribing and administering medication that has resulted in a drug abuse epidemic across the country. Not only did this pharmacist violate the New York State health code, he also committed the crime of conspiring to distribute and possess with the intent to distribute a controlled substance. Controlled substances should only be prescribed to those who absolutely need them. The pharmacist is facing up to 10 years of imprisonment upon his sentencing.

Medical professionals should not break the state Health Code, laws, or conduct any immoral and unprofessional activity. Jobs as medical professionals are held to very high standards through the OPMC. If someone has issued a complaint against you to the Office of Medical Professional Conduct, contact an experienced medical defense attorney as soon as possible.

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