NY Requires All Medical Marijuana Doctors Be Listed on DOH Site

Earlier this month, the New York State Department of Health signed a bill that requires any physician that is certified to recommend a medical marijuana treatment to his or her patients to have their name listed on the Department of Health website. There are roughly 1,000 doctors throughout the state of New York that are registered with the ability to recommend medical marijuana as a treatment option to those whom it may benefit. However, so far, only 32-percent of these doctors are on the Department of Health’s list for the public to view. This change comes as an addition to the state’s expansion of the medical marijuana program. Now, along with cancer, HIV/AIDS, spinal cord injuries, epilepsy, and many other conditions, individuals with chronic pain may also be eligible.

It is important that doctors follow all of the state’s regulations and requirements when such changes are made. The last thing that any physician wants is to receive a letter from the Office of Professional Medical Conduct because they did not abide by the Department of Health’s rules. If a doctor does receive notification that a complaint has been made about them to the OPMC, it is essential for them to contact an experienced medical defense attorney as soon as possible to obtain quality legal guidance.

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