Restoring a Medical License in New York

A medical professional is allowed a license to practice medicine ethically and to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, there are times in which professionals fail to do so. When a medical professional acts unethically or is negligent in practicing medicine, they can have their license revoked. This can be a frightening time, as they are uncertain of what their future holds. When a license is revoked, the professional is no longer able to practice medicine. However, it is important to know there is a procedure in place to have a license restored. A health care professional should enlist legal counsel when they wish to have their license restored.

Applying for Restoration

It is important to know that a license cannot be reinstated immediately. A health care professional may have to wait a few years to do so. Doctors who received a license revocation may have to wait as long as three years before they can apply to have it restored. After this time has passed, they can submit an application to the Board of Regents. When this is done, the individual should submit a check of $750 to the State Education Department.

In the application, the doctor is required to address their remorse, their rehabilitation, and reeducation. It is important for the individual to show they are truly sorry for the act that caused them to lose their license if they wish to receive their license again. This may be done through volunteer work and rehabilitation activities such as counseling. They are also required to participate in Continued Medical Education and prove their attendance.

The Hearing

After the application is submitted, the Board will work to determine if the doctor’s license should be reinstated. This can require a hearing. During this hearing, the physician must prove they participated in activities of rehabilitation that show they are worthy of having their license reinstated.

During this hearing, the medical professional will also be asked a series of questions pertaining to the event that caused them to lose their license. Two questions they may be asked are: why they should be reinstated and what they will do in the event that they are reinstated. It is during this time that physicians can have witnesses testify on their behalf who can attest to not only their medical capabilities but their character as well.

What Happens After the Hearing?

Once the hearing is completed, the Board will come to a conclusion and make a recommendation for the status of the doctor’s license. This recommendation is sent to the doctor and the Committee of the Professions, where the application for restoration will be formally considered.

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