School-Based Health Center Requirements

All high-need schools within New York State are required to have both primary health care services and mental health care services located within the school. These health centers must consist of, at a minimum, a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, a mental health professional, a physician, and a health assistant. These school-based health centers must be made available to students regardless of their insurance status, health status, or an outside primary care provider. These services must be provided to students without cost for themselves or their family.

Each facility is required to comply with a number of regulations that are also found in other types of medical facilities, including that the site is kept sanitary, that there are designated spaces for sterile supplies, etc. It is important to note that these medical professionals are held to the standards that any other medical professional would be held to. These medical professionals must not participate in any substance abuse, sexual misconduct, billing fraud, or any other forms of medical misconduct. In the event that a medical professional working in one of the school-based health centers is accused of misconduct, it may be an even bigger issue because there may be children involved.

If you have been accused of misconduct as a medical professional and someone has filed a complaint with the OPMC, it is essential that you retain the services of an experienced medical defense attorney who can provide you with assistance.

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