Veterinarians and the OPD

One question that a lot of people have is whether they can file a complaint against a doctor with the Office of Professional Discipline if that doctor is a Veterinarian. Veterinarians can be investigated by the Office of Professional Discipline for professional misconduct in the same way that a doctor for humans can.

If someone makes a complaint about the professional misconduct of a veterinarian, that complaint will be investigated by the board to determine whether the claim holds any weight. Generally, these complaints come from consumers who have brought their pets to receive medical services with this vet. If they believe the veterinarian is suffering from substance abuse, is committing fraud, or another form of professional misconduct, they will want to consider filing a claim. There are a number of different factors that will be investigated and a lot of people must be talked to when it comes to determining if the claim is valid.

In the case of a veterinary complaint, someone from the New York State Board for Veterinary Medicine will determine whether the incident can be considered professional misconduct. If you are a veterinarian who has received a complaint regarding professional misconduct, it is important that you consult with an experienced medical defense attorney that can provide you with assistance.

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