What are some special provisions for pharmacists?

The Board of Regents has a number of rules that all medical professionals need to abide by to ensure they will not be disciplined by the Board. As there are a lot of different types of medical professionals, some are held to different standards than others. In New York State’s Rules of the Board, there are special provisions for those working in the profession of pharmacy.

Many of these special provisions include information about the legalities surrounding writing and dispensing prescriptions. Pharmacists are not permitted to dispense a prescription that has the name, address, or age of a patient for whom it is not intended. The date, quantity, and strength of the drug that has been prescribed must also be accurate as prescribed. Pharmacists must file all prescriptions in numerical order and must have them ready for pickup. These special provisions are not only important for pharmacists, but also for other pharmacy staff and pharmacy interns.

If you fail to abide by the Board of Regents’ provisions, you may be facing a license suspension or some other negative repercussion that can impact your career. If you have received a letter that informs you that you are being investigated as a pharmacist for not following these provisions, it is important that you have the strong legal representation of an experienced medical law attorney.

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