What constitutes unprofessional conduct?

When a medical professional finds themselves in a situation that may result in their loss of license, they are facing serious consequences that may even put an end to their career. It is important that any health professional is aware of what the Board considers “unprofessional conduct” in order to stay out of trouble. Of course, any illegal actions such as drug abuse or sexual misconduct are not permitted but there are also morally inappropriate actions that can result in severe consequences.

Some of these immoral actions that may result in trouble with the Board for a medical professional may include the improper sterilization of any tools or surfaces used in a medical procedure, requiring unnecessary or excessive treatment or testing of a patient, any type of harassment of a patient, the neglect of a patient who needs immediate medical attention, and the failure to wear a badge that identifies your name and title while in the facility in which you work. These are only a few of the provisions under the Rules of the Board and it is crucial that all medical professionals are aware of what type of conduct is expected of them.

If you find yourself in a situation that may result in an investigation by the Board, you should immediately retain the services of an experienced medical law attorney who can provide you with assistance in preparing for your hearing. If you have questions about what happens next when a complaint has been filed against you, contact our firm and we would be happy to assess the circumstances of your situation.

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