What do I Need to Know About OPMC Investigations?

Medical professionals are held to very high standards. It is because of this that, if they make a mistake that harms a patient, they can face very severe consequences depending on the misconduct they commit. When a medical professional receives a complaint against them, they can be investigated by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC). Continue reading below to learn more and contact an experienced New York medical defense attorney if you receive a letter from the OPMC. 

What is the OPMC?

Medical professionals are supervised by a board of professionals to ensure they are conducting medicine morally. This board is known as the OPMC. Their job can consist of the following:

  • Prosecute and discipline physicians that have been charged with misconduct
  • Monitor the Committee for Physician Health
  • Educate the medical community about misconduct and how to prevent it
  • Investigate complaints against medical professionals. Common complaints can include sexual misconduct, insurance fraud, substance abuse, billing fraud, etc.
  • Monitor physicians who are on probation or have had their medical license restored after it was revoked

What is an OPMC Investigation?

When a complaint is made against a medical professional, they can face an investigation by the OPMC. During this time, the OPMC will work to determine whether or not the individual is guilty. Throughout the investigation, the professional will be interviewed regarding their actions. In addition to this, co-workers, employees, and other patients can be interviewed. When the interviews are concluded, the OPMC can review the case and decide whether they are guilty of misconduct. If so, they may face a letter of reprimand, a censure letter of reprimand, probation, or the loss of their medical license. It is important to know that medical professionals can appeal these decisions. 

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