What does a medical defense attorney do?

When medical professionals get a letter from the Office of Professional Medical Conduct stating that they will be conducting an investigation into his or her behavior, there is often a feeling of anxiety and panic. The first thing one should do upon receiving a letter from the OPMC regarding an investigation is to contact a medical defense attorney.

The medical professional may receive a letter from the OPMC because a third party filed a complaint about some aspect of their behavior. Some of the most common OPMC matters that result in investigations include:

  • billing fraud
  • substance abuse
  • insurance fraud
  • inappropriate sexual relations
  • medical malpractice

It is important to retain the services of a medical defense attorney as soon as possible so they can start collecting evidence to protect your future. Additionally, depending on the nature of the complaint, your attorney may encourage you to start taking action to better yourself in order to have a better chance at having your license restored sooner or not revoked at all. For example, if a medical professional received a complaint because of a substance abuse issue, your attorney may encourage you to seek rehabilitative help. This way, when they are defending the medical professional to the OPMC and OPD, the attorney will be able to show that they have taken steps to overcome the issue and should, therefore, be allowed to keep their license.

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