What Should I Do if I am a Physician’s Assistant Being Charged With Malpractice?

As you know, there are few charges more damaging to a medical professional’s career than those involving medical malpractice. Unfortunately, many medical professionals are wrongly charged with medical malpractice virtually every day, and physician’s assistants are no exception. Please continue reading and speak with our knowledgeable New York City medical malpractice attorney to learn more about how our firm can help you fight your charges if you are a physician’s assistant currently facing malpractice charges. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What constitutes an act of medical malpractice?

To start, you should firmly understand what constitutes an act of medical malpractice in the eyes of New York law. For a physician’s assistant to be convicted of medical malpractice, the plaintiff would first have to prove that the physician’s assistance owed him or her a duty of care. The plaintiff would then have to prove that the physician’s assistant knowingly breached the duty of care and that the breach of care, therefore, resulted in serious injury and significant damages. This is not always easy to prove, however, many individuals in the medical profession are convicted of medical malpractice more frequently than you may think, and oftentimes, such a conviction will prohibit them from practicing medicine. If your livelihood is at stake, you absolutely require the assistance of an experienced New York City medical malpractice defense attorney.

What are some examples of physician’s assistant negligence?

There are many actions a physician can take that could be considered malpractice, including the following:

  • Failing to diagnose a patient
  • Improperly diagnosing a patient
  • Waiting too long to diagnose a patient, causing his or her condition to worsen
  • Making a medical error
  • Failing to supervise the patient, or failing to ensure another party was supervising a patient
  • Failing to review the patient’s medical history

In many cases, these acts of negligence can result in very serious injuries, including broken bones, heart attacks, brain damage, spinal damage, concussions, heart attacks, and more. Being accused of committing an act of medical malpractice is a very serious matter.

What happens if I am charged with medical malpractice?

When a medical professional is charged with medical malpractice, the Office of Professional Discipline, or OPD, will most likely open an investigation against them. This investigation frequently leads to termination, which will bar the medical professional from practicing. Our firm is here to help fight those accusations, tooth-and-nail.

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