Who Can File a Complaint Against a Medical Professional in New York?

Due to the fact that medical professionals have such important jobs, they are held in high regard by their peers and patients. This comes with a great deal of trust. However, they are still human and subject to human error. Due to their standing, doctors, and physicians who make mistakes can be accused of medical malpractice, a form of negligence that occurs when they do not meet the standard of care expected of them. When these professionals are believed to have taken part in malpractice, complaints can be filed against them.

What is the OPMC?

When understanding the consequences of medical malpractice, it is important to know the job of the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC). The OPMC oversees medical professionals in order to be sure they are practicing medicine properly and up to the right standards. When a complaint is made against an individual for committing malpractice, the OPMC will conduct an investigation into the professional. This is to make sure they are doing their job correctly or find any evidence otherwise. These investigations determine if a medical professional should remain a practicing professional.

Who Can Make a Complaint?

When a medical professional takes part in medical malpractice, it is a serious issue that is treated as such. In the event of this, an individual may want to file a complaint. A complaint can be filed against any healthcare professionals, including a doctor, nurse, physician’s assistant, and more. This may be in the event of inappropriate conduct, substance abuse, billing fraud, etc. There are two different ways a complaint can be made:

  • OPMC Complaints: The majority of complaints that are received by the OPMC come from a patient of the professional who believes they were the victim of malpractice. However, these complaints can also come from the family and friends of the professional as well. When this happens, the OPMC can investigate the claim and determine a disciplinary action when a conclusion is made.
  • Civil Complaints: Alternatively, an individual can pursue legal action against a medical professional in the event that they believe they were the victim of malpractice. This can be done with a civil complaint against the professional that leads to a civil lawsuit. During this time, the patient holds the medical professional liable to their negligent behavior that caused injury or illness. If successful, the patient may receive compensation from the medical professional for their suffering and the professional can still face disciplinary action by the OPMC.

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