Will Unpaid Child Support Cost You Your New York Medical License?

Whether you actively chose not to, could not afford it or simply forgot, you neglected to pay child support. Even if it was an honest mistake, the Family Court will not just overlook this matter. Furthermore, the Family Court may issue an arrest warrant if you, as the noncustodial parent, fall seriously behind in child support payments and/or fail to appear in court for a violation hearing. In certain cases of willful nonpayment of child support, the delinquent parent may go to jail for up to six months. In addition to garnished wages and levied fines, you may also face the suspension of certain licenses. To learn if your New York medical license will be one of them, please continue reading, then contact one of our skilled New York physician defense lawyers today.

Will you lose your New York medical license for nonpayment of child support?

In the Empire State, if your arrears exceed or are equal to four months, you may not only lose your state medical license but your driver’s license, business license and recreational license. The only exception is if the court determines that the suspension of the license of the respondent would create an extreme hardship. In that case, the court may, in lieu of suspension, suspend the order to the licensing entity for a period not to exceed one year. If on or before the expiration of this period the court has not received competent proof that the respondent is in full compliance with their support obligation and has fully complied, the court shall cause the suspension of the order to be removed and reinstated.

How do you reinstate your New York medical license after suspension for nonpayment of child support?

The obligor has 45 days from the date of notice to pay arrears in full, establish a payment schedule or request a review. The entities in charge of this process will not simply take your word that you will pay, which is why you should avail yourself of the services of Paul E. Walker today.

How can Walker Medical Law help you?

Among many other valid arguments, your seasoned physician defense lawyer will argue that taking away the way you make money will put you in an even worse financial situation because those with a suspended medical license will find it more difficult to catch up on back child support. Additionally, your legal representative can help you arrange a mutually beneficial payment schedule with the other parties so you can fulfill your financial obligations while maintaining your livelihood. Family Courts are not inclined to sympathize with you, so please give our firm a call today.

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