Can a doctor have their medical license restored?

Doctors can get involved in situations where they are at fault for a medical issue. This can cause a medical malpractice lawsuit to ensue. If they are found guilty of negligent behavior, they may have penalties enforced. This can cause them to lose their medical license. This can be a scary time since medical professionals can be unsure of their futures. Will they ever practice medicine again? Although your medical license can be revoked, you may have it restored later on. During the time when your license is revoked, you are not allowed to practice medicine. However, you should remain up-to-date on your knowledge in the field. It is important that you do not lose your medical intelligence. You can continue to attend seminars and other events to brush up on your knowledge and learn new things as well.

Do I have to wait?

To restore your license, you may have to wait a few years. You cannot apply to have your license restored right after having it revoked. Some time has to pass before you are able to do so. Doctors that have had their license revoked may have to wait three years before applying to have it restored.The Board of Regents reviews the application that you have submitted. Since they know of your wrongdoing that has caused your license revocation, they may be hard to convince. Your license is at the discretion of the state. The state is the entity that allows you to practice medicine with this license. When submitting the application, a check of $750 should also be sent to the State Education Department.

The Board of Regents will make the decision regarding your license restoration. Each case can vary greatly depending on the reason for the original revocation. Some examples can include medical malpractice lawsuits, including sexual abuse, misconduct, substance abuse and more. If you show you are a changed person and have continued to develop your medical knowledge, you may be able to have your license restored. This can give you the chance to have your life back by being able to practice medicine again.

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