OPMC/OPD Misconduct Defense

OPMC/OPD Misconduct Defense

Nurse on a blue backgroundRepresenting Clients Facing the OPMC and OPD

A disciplinary sanction by New York State Department of Health’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) after an investigation and trial can have serious consequences for the physician, including loss of medical license, probation, censure, or letter of reprimand. Our compassionate and effective legal team understands what it takes to fight the OPMC and protect your future. Walker Medical Law is focused on representing medical professionals in investigations and disciplinary proceedings commenced by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (“OPMC”), a branch of the Department of Health of the State of New York. OPMC defense is one of the most important facets of our practice. We understand the importance of your medical license and we will work tirelessly to protect your livelihood. The claims against physicians by OPMC vary widely, but many issues involve one of the following:

Some physicians purchase a rider to their medical malpractice insurance policy to help them cover legal fees that can be incurred during the investigation and trial of the medical professional at OPMC. Whether you have a medical malpractice insurance policy or not, it is highly recommended that any physician who is facing an inquiry from OPMC obtain experienced legal counsel from the very beginning of the process.

There are ways to avoid, or at least minimize, sanctions by OPMC, but suffice it to say preparation for the process must be thorough. This is a complicated matter. Do not walk into an OPMC interview without counsel believing that your issue will be easy to resolve. The investigators and physicians at OPMC are experienced and perceptive and therefore they cannot be underestimated.  Also, OPMC has the ability to interview your patients, your employees, past and present, and to obtain a great deal of additional information from your past.  Therefore, you must understand what the process is, who you are dealing with and devise a smart and

The investigators and physicians at OPMC are experienced and perceptive. They cannot be underestimated.  Also, OPMC has the authority to interview your patients, your past and present employees and to obtain a great deal of additional information from your past. Therefore, you must consult with an attorney to develop a comprehensive plan to present your side of any issue to OPMC.

We also assist hospitals in responding to statements of deficiency issued by the New York State Department of Health and accreditation violations alleged by the Joint Commission. Hospitals are obligated to maintain a certain quality of care. When a hospital is issued statements of deficiency, our firm can help.

Additionally, we represent nurses and other health professionals in proceedings before the New York State Department of Education. If you are a nurse, dentist, or other professional, other than a physician assistant or a physician, you are governed by the Department of Education and its investigative arm, the Office of Professional Discipline. The Office of Professional Discipline must investigate every complaint against a licensee. They may do so by interviewing your friends, your coworkers, other patients, or by taking a look at whatever documentation they can find throughout the state of New York.

It is very important for you to understand how serious it is if you get a letter from OPD. They are investigating you for unprofessional conduct and you must protect yourself.

If you have a criminal problem or another type of issue, consult with a lawyer who has a specialty in that field. If you have an OPMC or OPD issue, you should obtain an experienced attorney. The rules are totally different in OPMC than they are in other courts.

Knowing your rights and retaining the services of an effective OPMC and OPD attorney is in your best interests. Your future is at stake. Take the rights steps and contact Walker Medical Law for a free case evaluation.