Can A Drunk Driving Charge Affect Your Medical License?

An arrest for drunk driving is a very common situation, and one that will have some adverse impact on your medical license. Typically, what happens is when you go to re-register your medical license, there’s a question. It says, “Have you been convicted of a crime since your last registration?” In fact, any conviction for drunk driving that is a felony or a misdemeanor is a crime.

I should tell you that if you managed to get away with a violation, that is not a crime, but prosecutors do not like to give violations. Sometimes you can get it, and if so, you can then answer the question “No, I have not been convicted of a crime,” if it was a violation.

If it is a crime, felony or misdemeanor, whether it’s in New York State or in other states, you must answer yes to that question. That will be investigated by either the Office of Professional Medical Conduct or the Office of Professional Discipline. They will discipline you in some way, with a fine, with maybe a censure and a reprimand. It depends upon your history with them.

One thing you cannot do is check “No” to that, to think that they won’t find out. That will then redouble the problem for you when they do find out. They will then accuse you not only of having been convicted of a crime, but now having lied on the application. That is a very serious problem, much worse than the simple drunk driving.

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