Can I appeal my OPMC decision?

If you have been investigated by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct for violating the standards that medical professionals are held to, you may be facing a license suspension or total revocation. This can completely devastate a medical professional’s career and bring it to a screeching halt. If the Office of Professional Medical Conduct feels as though you should be disciplined based on the results of their investigation into a complaint regarding your misconduct, you may never practice again. However, if you believe that the investigation was faulty or the decision was something it should not have been, you may want to think about appealing your case.

If you choose to appeal the Office of Professional Medical Conduct’s decision, you should know this is not an easy battle to win. You will have to file an appeal with the Board, which you know is comprised of 5 people; three of which are fellow physicians. The board handling your appeal will have to have the appeal hearing and make their final ruling within 45 days from the date in which you filed the appeal. It is important to be aware that the director of the Office of Professional Medical Conduct has the option to appeal the Board’s decision, just like you do. So, if the Board allows you to walk away without any penalties, the director may disagree and file their own appeal.

It is essential that you retain the services of an experienced medical defense attorney who can fight for your future as a medical professional.

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