Can I Have My Medical License Reinstated After it Was Revoked?

When a medical professional engages in misconduct or commits medical malpractice, it is possible for them to lose their medical license. Those facing these situations usually immediately wonder: can my license be reinstated? Continue reading below to learn more and contact an experienced New York medical defense attorney for assistance with your case.

Why Would a License be Revoked?

Medical professionals are given their license and the chance to practice medicine after a long period of time in school. However, it is important to remember that this is a privilege and not a right. It is because of this that those who are found breaching the standard of care that is expected of them can have their license revoked as a result. This may be in the event of sexual misconduct, substance abuse issues, negligence, fraud, felony convictions, and more. 

How Can My License be Reinstated?

If three years have passed since a medical professional’s license was revoked, they can send a $750 check to the State Education Department and apply for a license reinstatement. The process of reinstatement can be long and thorough, as various criteria must be met. The professional must show that they are truly remorseful for their actions, they underwent rehabilitation, and are constantly re-education themselves on the latest changes in medicine. This can be done by providing documentation that they attended all CME courses up until their hearing. 

At a hearing, the professional will most likely be asked different questions pertaining to their career and the license revocation. This can include:

  • Why should you be reinstated?
  • What will you do if you are reinstated?

It is important to have smart answers prepared for these questions, as it can determine whether or not the reinstatement is granted. It will also show the professional’s honesty, integrity, and their passion for the job. Once the hearing is over, the Board will make a recommendation that is sent to the Committee on the Professions. From there, a decision can be made regarding the reinstatement. 

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