Can substance abuse affect my medical license?

Substances such as alcohol and drugs can have a big impact on people’s lives. While alcohol can be enjoyed in moderation, some people cannot accomplish this. As use of alcohol increases, individuals may find that they have acquired a substance abuse problem. As an alcoholic, this can have an overall impact on their life. It can affect their relationships with friends and family and their professional careers. If medical professionals acquire a substance abuse problem, this can affect the lives of their patients as well. If they treat patients while they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they may be improperly treating the patient, resulting in a more harmful effect. This can be considered medical malpractice and lead to a lawsuit. If alcohol and drugs are highly involved in the health care professional’s life, they may be facing the removal of their license. They are putting their patients lives at risk by treating them while they have abused substances. By putting their patients at risk, these medical professionals are breaking an oath that requires them to care for the well-being of their patients as a moral doctor would.

How can the Committee on Physicians Health help?

If medical professionals realize that they have a reliance on a substance and it is affecting their everyday activities, they should acquire the help they need. By presenting their situation to the Committee on Physicians Health, they may be able to get the help that they need to be sober and rid of their substance abuse problem. The committee can help you get into a rehabilitation program that works toward sobriety and getting your life back on track. This can help protect your medical license in the process. By taking control of your situation, you can overcome the abuse that you are experiencing. This can save your license and all your hard work.

Patients have the ability to bring a lawsuit against you if they believe you are abusing alcohol or drugs. If this is found to be true, you may risk losing your license. Patients deserve the best care possible. By treating patients under the influence, you are not giving them the best care and you are instead compromising their health. This can have terrible consequences on their health and their life. It is important to speak up when you need help to avoid losing your medical license.

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