How Can I Get my Medical License Restored in New York?

If you are a medical professional and have had your license revoked, you are most likely looking into the reinstatement process. If 3 years have passed since your license was revoked, you may send a $750 check to the State Education Department and apply for license reinstatement. Here are some of the questions you may have:

How can you lose your medical license for malpractice?

Practicing medicine is a privilege, not a right, and if you are found guilty of breaching the standard of care, you will most likely have your medical license removed. Sexual misconduct, substance abuse issues, negligence, fraud, felony convictions, and more may all constitute a medical license revocation.

Can a revoked medical license be reinstated?

When a medical professional is convicted of malpractice, he or she usually feels a deep sense of regret and humiliation, despite the fact that they one day may petition to have their license reinstated. Unfortunately, the process is quite a long haul. During the restoration procedure, you must demonstrate that you are truly remorseful for your actions, that you have undergone rehabilitation, and that you are constantly re-educating yourself on all of the latest medical innovations by providing documentation proving you have attended all CME courses until the time of your hearing.

Generally, it is best to own up to your mistakes. It is far better to acknowledge your mistakes and prove that you have moved on and are ready to practice honorably than to continue denying what got your license revoked, to begin with. Additionally, it helps if you have witnesses present who are willing to testify on your behalf. Respected physicians who can confirm your capacity to competently and responsibly serve others are a big help.

What questions will they ask at a medical license reinstatement hearing?

The court will ask you questions to the effect of “why should you be reinstated?” and “what will you do if you are reinstated?” You must have a well-thought-out answer on-hand, not only to get your license back, but because those in charge of others’ wellness should have a genuine desire to do their job honestly and effectively. If you provide insufficient answers to these questions, you may not have your license reinstated.

What will happen once the hearing is over?

After the hearing, the Board will make a recommendation, which will be sent to the Committee on the Professions, and from there, they will decide whether they will reinstate your license based on the answers you gave and the information you and your attorney have provided.

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