If You Are on the Sex Offender Registry, Can You Apply for a Medical License?

The subject matter recently came up to me as to whether a physician in another state can apply for a New York State license if the doctor is on the sex offender list. The answer is yes. This is not true in all states, but it is true in New York. They will take your application. Whether you’re granted that application or not is another issue.

An example of this includes a very strange case where a doctor in a western state was convicted of having sex with a prostitute, taken by the federal prosecutor, and accused of being part of a criminal enterprise. He had to serve some time in jail and was on the sex offender list. Upon his release, he wanted to apply for a license in New York. I called the prosecutor’s office at the Department of Education and inquired about this situation. I was told that, in fact, he can apply. He is not barred simply because he on the list. Whether or not they will approve of his license is a different matter.

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