What Happens if I Am Accused of Nursing Home Abuse?

As a healthcare professional in a nursing home facility, you may understand firsthand the abundance of trust family members place in you to care for their elderly loved one dutifully. Further, you may know just how important it is to practice at the standard of care established by your peers in the New York State medical community. This is why you may be devastated if you are wrongfully accused of abuse of an elderly resident Read on to discover the consequences of being accused of nursing home abuse and how one of the seasoned New York health care professional defense lawyers at Walker Medical Law can help you fight off any wrongful claims.

Why might I be accused of nursing home abuse?

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse may occur more often and in more ways than you initially realize. Specifically, an elderly resident may be physically abused if they are denied access to important meals or even water. Or, they may be emotionally abused if they are isolated from events or activities with other residents. Lastly, they may be financially abused if they get their money or high-value assets stolen from their room.

That said, the accuser may assume you are the perpetrator if you are the attending healthcare provider of the elderly resident who has been abused. But in reality, the perpetrator may be someone else who sees them daily. Namely, another healthcare provider, an administrative staff member, a fellow resident, or a frequent visitor. For example, the elderly resident may have been denied food or water by another healthcare provider who did rounds on the day you were not scheduled to work. Or, they may have been removed from a community event or activity by an administrative staff member. Lastly, their fellow resident or even their visiting family member may have gone into their room and stolen their belongings.

What happens if I am accused of nursing home abuse in New York State?

Simply put, if you are wrongfully accused of nursing home abuse, you must immediately retain strong legal representation. This is because the New York State Department of Health may almost immediately run an aggressive and thorough investigation against you. Soon after, the Department’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct or Office of Professional Discipline may summon you to a hearing. In a worst-case scenario, the Board may order you to surrender your medical license.

At the same time, the individual who accused you of nursing home abuse in the first place may file a civil lawsuit against you. With this, the civil court may order you to pay a significant amount in punitive damages, among other penalties.

If you are unsure of your next move, resort to one of the competent New York health care professional defense lawyers. Someone at Walker Medical Law will know exactly what legal option works in your best interest. So call our office today.