Who is permitted to file OPMC complaints?

When a complaint is filed regarding a medical professional such as a doctor, nurse, physician assistance, etc., they are facing serious repercussions that could even result in the loss of their medical license and end a career. A complaint can be filed with the Office of Professional Medical Conduct regarding situations such as billing fraud, substance abuse, inappropriate conduct, and more. When this takes place, the OPMC will look into the complaint to determine if it holds any weight and if misconduct is found, the medical professional will have to go through a long process that determines their consequences.

One question that people often have is whether they allowed to file a complaint and how they can go about doing so. The majority of OPMC complaints come from the patients, friends, and family members of the medical professional. If a health facility or any other health professional notices misconduct of any sort, they are required to follow New York State law that states they must report them to the OPMC. In fact, the OPMC considers failure to report misconduct as its own type of misconduct, and that person may find themselves in trouble as well.

If you are unsure about what is considered misconduct in the eyes of OPMC, you may call them and anonymously request information on the matter without informing them of the physician in question.

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