Can I Get My Medical License Restored in New York City?

If you are a medical professional, there is a very good chance that there are few things more important to you than helping people in their time of need. Unfortunately, there are times where even the best medical professionals make mistakes, and when this happens, there is a strong chance that they will lose their medical license as a result. Fortunately, if this has happened to you, you may have a shot at having your medical license restored. Continue reading and speak with our New York City medical defense attorney to learn more about how our firm can help. Here are some of the questions you may have:

How do physicians lose their medical licenses?

There are various potential causes of the OPMC revoking a medical professional’s license to practice, though generally, this occurs as a result of medical negligence. Some of the most common causes for license revocations include fraud, negligence, substance abuse, felony convictions, or sexual misconduct.

How do I apply to have my medical license restored?

That being said, though you may have to wait years to apply for the restoration of your medical license, in many cases, you can apply to have it restored after three years. You will submit this application to the Board of Regents, along with a $750 check to the State Education Department. Our firm will review your application to ensure everything is in order. We can help you draft a letter regarding your remorse for your actions and what you have done to ensure that something of that nature never happens again. In many cases, proof of volunteer work and participation in the Continued Medical Education Program can help your chances of having your license restored.

What happens at a Restoration Hearing?

After we submit your application, you, along with your attorney, will have to attend a Restoration Hearing, wherein the court will ask you several questions regarding the act that you committed to get your license revoked, what you have done to improve yourself, and why you believe that you deserve to have your license restored. It is critical that you have your answers ready at this time, for this is your best shot at reinstatement. After the hearing, the Board will review the evidence, as well as your statement, and make a recommendation to the Committee on the Professions. From here, a decision will be made regarding whether to reinstate your medical license. Our firm is here to help. Give us a call today.

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