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When a medical professional has their license revoked, many times, they are eager to have it restored. If your medical license has been revoked, you will have to endure a three year waiting period before you can apply to have it restored. The application is more complex than just filling it out and mailing it in. The Board of Regents knows of your misconduct and will not make it easy to restore your license. Your medical license is a privilege in the eyes of the state, not a right.

When the three years has passed and you are ready to submit your application for license restoration, you will also have to include a $750.00 check to the State Education Department. You have to understand that the issuance of a medical license is not a right that citizens have, it is instead a privilege that the State can permit or deny. You will have to prove to the Board that you truly deserve to have your license restored and that the reasons for your initial license revocation will not become issues again if it is restored.

Preparing Your Application

The Board takes a number of factors into consideration when determining whether it is appropriate to restore your license. They will want to determine if you are truly sorry for the initial offense that caused the license to be revoked. If they see that you are not remorseful for your actions, they may believe there is a higher probability that you will repeat these actions again in the future. This does not look good for your case and will likely not help in restoring your medical license.

It is beneficial that you try to prove to the Board that over the last three years, you have been working to better yourself in relation to the issues that caused you to lose your license. For example, if you lost your license due to substance abuse, it would be beneficial if you can prove that you sought professional help to work towards overcoming your substance abuse issues. This can show that you are less likely to have the same issues with professional misconduct as you did the first time you had your license.

It is also important that you can prove to the Board that you have continued to expand your medical knowledge over the three years that you were not able to practice. This shows that your knowledge of medicine is still at a sufficient level of competency and you are able to practice safely and successfully. Additionally, you must acquire a Supporting Affidavit from five people aware of your situation that can testify on your behalf. Three of these people must also be medical professionals in your field. They will be required to explain that you are worthy of license restoration and your behavior has improved since you lost your license.

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Restoring your medical license is incredibly difficult and you should spend some¬†time preparing for a successful application. The Board will not automatically give you back your license unless they feel confident that the initial problems will not arise again. It is important that you consult with an experienced medical law attorney who can help you prepare for this application and help you get your career back on track. Don’t waste any time preparing to apply for your medical license restoration. Contact Walker Medical Law to schedule a consultation today.