Effects if Your Hospital Takes Administration Action

If you are on the staff of a hospital or an employee of a hospital, and you have done something that they are very unhappy with, and they investigate you and they take administrative action, this can be a very big problem for you. If they suspend you or if they put you on probation or if they tell you that there’s a certain type of procedure that you cannot do anymore, these things will be reported to the Department of Health.

You might well then get a letter from the Office of Professional Medical Conduct asking you to come on down and explain this. That can then lead to an investigation by OPMC into your conduct and could lead to further restriction on your medical license. If you are a nurse or some other medical person in the hospital and you have administrative action taken against you, then that will be reported to OPD, the Office of Professional Discipline. Again, they may come down and ask you to explain yourself. These are things you really want to avoid, because they have long term and adverse effects on your license and your ability to practice.

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