How To Obtain a License to be a Medical Provider after a Crime

The fact that you have been convicted of a crime does not automatically disqualify you from getting a medical license of any type, whether it be a physician, a nurse, whatever. It depends a lot upon when the crime happened. If you were 16 years old, 17, 18, 19, those would be looked at differently, certainly. It depends upon what the crime was. It goes sometimes to moral turpitude. Was it fraud? Was it assault? Was it drunk driving? Was it joyriding, when you were young and stole a car? Those things you can get by, although when you do apply for your license, there will no doubt be a moral fitness hearing where this will be investigated.

I’ve had people in the past who have had crimes on their record and still got the license. The most serious one was a nurse who served four years for manslaughter when she was very young. Her license was given after we had the hearing. It depends very much upon when the crime happened, what the crime was, and how you present yourself at the moral fitness hearing.

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