Not Fully Truthful when Renewing Your Medical License

When you renew your license, which is about every two years, there are a series of questions that are asked. Sometimes, the questions are ones you do not want to answer, because you have been convicted of a crime in another state or in this state, and you would like no one to know about that. However, the worst thing you could do is to lie about this.

I have had people decide that they were on vacation when they got a drunk driving conviction, and therefore, that didn’t count, and they could answer no, they have not been convicted of a crime. That is absolutely the wrong thing to do. When and if the state finds out about that, that will be a much more serious situation than merely admitting to the drunk driving or other crime. There are other issues that you can run into, but all of them you must answer truthfully. If you don’t, then the problem is magnified enormously by the claim that you have lied on the application.

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