Restoring a Medical License in New York

One of the first questions that a medical professional may have after the difficult event of having their medical license revoked is whether they can ever have their license restored again. There are some situations in which a medical professional will never be able to practice medicine again simply due to the nature of the reason that the license was revoked initially.

Before a medical professional can apply to have their medical license restored, they will be required to abide by the three-year waiting period. After the three years has been completed, the individual will have to submit an application to the Board of Regents asking to reconsider them to practice medicine once again. In addition to the application, the individual will have to send in a $750 check to the State Education Department.

The individual will essentially have to prove to the Board that they have been working on bettering themselves and have remedied the issues that caused them to lose their license in the first place. For example, if the individual lost their license to substance abuse issues, they must show that they have sought professional help to work on this problem. The individual must also show that they have continued studying medicine when they were unable to practice.

Finally, the individual must submit a Supporting Affidavit from five people that will testify on their behalf, three of which must be medical professionals in the same field.

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