What information does the misconduct complaint form require?

When an individual feels as though they have been the victim of misconduct by a medical professional or has witnessed a medical professional committing misconduct, they may consider filing a complaint with the New York State Department of Health’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct. This office is the governing body for any wrongdoings that may be committed by a medical professional. The Office of Professional Medical Conduct is also in charge of accepting any complaints and investigating them to determine if the medical professional did, in fact, commit the misconduct that they have been accused of. In addition, if the medical professional was found guilty of committing misconduct, the OPMC will be responsible for holding a hearing to determine that professional’s fate and any punishments they should incur.

The complaint form that one would need to file to bring any misconduct to the attention of the OPMC requires the individual to fill out general information about themselves, the physician or physician’s assistant, and information about the patient or patients that were victims of misconduct. The individual will have the opportunity to explain the complaint in detail. They must also include details regarding where and when the misconduct occurred, whether there were any witnesses, and whether they have filed a complaint with anyone else. The complaint then must be mailed to the OPMC.

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