What information is publicly available about my discipline?

Medical professionals that become disciplined are facing a long road ahead of them when trying to get their careers back on track. It will likely be very difficult to find work again if their license has been revoked and restored, or even if they were able to keep their license but were fired from the practice they worked at. This discipline will unfortunately follow you for years into the future and the record of it will be available for any potential employers and patients to view.

If you have been disciplined by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct, the information will be posted on the website for a physician search. If a prospective patient conducts a physician search, he or she will be able to view the charges or allegations you were faced with, and whether or not they were contested by the physician. In addition, they will be able to see what decision was made by the hearing committee regarding the misconduct that was made by the medical professional. If the physician was penalized in any way by the Board of Professional Medical Conduct, that information will also be accessible to the public, as will any appeals that may have taken place.

This information can be very valuable to a potential client or employer, but can harm a physician’s career. If someone has made a complaint about you to the Board of Professional Medical Conduct, it is crucial that you retain the services of an experienced medical law attorney who can provide you with assistance.

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