Sexual Misconduct

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hallway-867226What are the possible problems that can arise from a sexual event with a patient?

Sexual misconduct is a serious allegation for any medical professional. Being accused of sexual misconduct affects more than just the potential loss of one’s medical license. One can face criminal prosecution and a civil lawsuit for assault, leading to an uncertain future. If you plead guilty to a misdemeanor or a felony, you will¬†probably lose your medical license very soon thereafter. In these matters, there is really no defense to the charge of misconduct as you have¬†admitted guilt¬†to a crime which are grounds for you to have your license revoked.¬† If a civil suit for assault follows, you could be burdened by overwhelming legal fees. If you are guilty of a crime, the case will be difficult to defend because of the guilty verdict’s admittance in the civil trial. Furthermore, these issues can easily culminate with the end of your career. With all of this in mind, it is imperative to have the right legal support. If you need quality representation, contact Walker Medical Law for a consultation.

How will I know if a patient is going to report me for having a sexual event?

Often, the process starts with a phone call. a health care provider receives a phone call from the patient saying that the sexual event was not appreciated. Many times the phone call is being taped and made from the District Attorney’s office. If you acknowledge that this event took place, you will no doubt be indicted for assault. Because of your admission on the phone, you might very well have to plead guilty just to stay out of jail. Once OPMC is notified, your medical license will probably be revoked. You can then be sued for damages.

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Sexual misconduct is a serious offense. Not only is it a matter that can result in the loss of a medical license, it can lead to criminal and civil matters. If you need quality legal support to protect your medical license, contact Walker Medical Law for a consultation.