Video FAQ

New York Medical Law Video FAQs

Attorney Paul E. Walker answers the most Frequently Asked Questions in the following series of videos.

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Defending Health Care Professionals

How To Defend Yourself From Misconduct as a Doctor

What Happens If A Malpractice Case Is Settled by Insurance Under Your Name?

What Happens If A Hospital Takes Administrative Action Against Me?

When Will the Department of Health Post a Malpractice Settlement Case on Their Website?

What to do as a Medical Doctor If You Have a Substance Abuse Issue

What is the NYS Physician Profile?

What Happens if You Prescribe Patients Narcotics on a Regular Basis?

What Defines a Crime by the Department of Health and Education?

What is the Significance of the National Practitioners Database?

Should You Allow Your Malpractice Insurance to Settle a Case Against You?

Should I Render Medical Care to My Family?

Should My Practice Be Using Electronic Medical Records?

Are There Ramifications Involved if I Agree to be on Medical Probation?

What Happens If I’m Not Fully Truthful When Renewing My¬†Medical License?

Is It Important to Keep Proper Medical Records For Your Patients?

How To Obtain a Medical License After Being Involved in a Crime

How to Get Your Medical License Restored After Being Revoked

How Does Domestic Violence Impact My Medical License?

How Can the Committee on Physician Health Help a Doctor With a Substance Abuse Problem?

How Can Rehab From Substance Abuse Effect Me Financially?

How Can a Sexual Relationship with a Patient Affect Your License?

What Can I Do If A Hospital Fired Me for Misconduct in New York City?

What Are The Financial Costs of a Drunk Driving Conviction?

What To Do If an HMO or Medicaid is Investigating Me for Improper Billing?

Can A Drunk Driving Charge Effect Your Medical License?

OPMC/OPD Defense

How Important is the OPMC or OPD Interview in NYC?

What is OPMC’s Role Regarding Your Medical License?

What Should I Do If The OPMC or OPD Sent Me a Letter for an Interview?

What Should I Do If The OPMC or OPD Charged Me with Misconduct in NYC?

How Can an Agreement with the OPMC to Avoid Prosecution Impact Me?

Why Choose a Medical Law Firm for Your OPMC Case?

What is the Role of OPD Regarding Your Medical License

How to Negotiate with the OPMC or OPD