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If you’re a pharmacist in the state of New York, you might receive a letter from the Office of Professional Discipline asking to inquire about your practice. This is an important matter. Receiving a letter from the OPD is the start of an investigation into your professional conduct and your license is on the line. Many instances of professional misconduct regarding pharmacists involve negligent prescriptions or substance abuse. Having the right representation is in your best interests. This matter can easily end with your inability to work as a pharmacist. If you are a pharmacist facing disciplinary actions by your governing institution, contact our firm for a consultation today.

Like many other healthcare professionals, pharmacists are under the scrutinizing eye of a governing body. Pharmacists in the state of New York are disciplined by the Office of Professional Discipline (OPD). This professional organization is obligated to investigate matters of medical misconduct. Whether founded or unfounded, if you have been contacted, it is important to protect your future and consult with an attorney before replying with the OPD. Your livelihood is on the line and it is important to have a legal team on your side.

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Being accused of professional misconduct is a very unpleasant situation. There are many ways in which a legal professional can assist you in this matter. Having the right representation is imperative when your medical license is in jeopardy. Contact Walker Medical Law. Our firm has over 40 years of experience representing clients across the state of New York. Our firm celebrates a results-driven reputation. We are dedicated to every case and our clients benefit from our dedication to their future. If you need our help, Contact Walker Medical Law for a free case consultation.