Am I Able to Restore My Medical License?

When the New York State Department of Health’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) takes the final action on your medical misconduct case, they may ultimately decide that your medical license is to be suspended. Once the OPMC makes this order, you may find yourself fighting an uphill battle to restore your ability to practice. However, there has been success in doing so in the past. Continue reading to learn more about your potential opportunity to restore your medical license and how an experienced New York medical license restoration lawyer can guide you through the application process.

Am I able to restore my medical license once the OPMC suspends it?

While it is possible to restore your medical license after its suspension, the OPMC’s Board of Regents will not make this easy for you. This is because, while the Board of Regents has the authority to restore your license, such restoration is not necessarily a right. Meaning, the Board of Regents does not grant restoration to every individual who applies for it.

All the while, you may have to endure a significant waiting period before applying. That is, the Board of Regents may not consider your application to restore your medical license until you wait at least three years from the date on which it was suspended.

How can I prepare my application to the OPMC?

Essentially, you must prove to the Board of Regents that you are worthy of the privilege of practicing medicine once more. Such worthiness must be clearly expressed in your application. Without further ado, you may properly prepare your application in the following ways:

  • You must prove that you are truly sorry for the reasons for your initial medical license suspension.
  • You must prove that you will not have the reasons for your suspension become an issue once more.
  • You must prove that, throughout the past three years, you have made diligent efforts to better yourself after your suspension.
  • You must prove that, throughout the past three years, you have made diligent efforts to expand your medical knowledge.
  • You must prove that, even after three years have gone by, you are still able to practice medicine safely and successfully.
  • You must provide a Supporting Affidavit from five people aware of your situation who can testify to your diligent efforts.
  • You must provide a $750 check to the New York State Education Department.

Understandably, you may find difficulty in expressing the aforementioned messages in your application. Also, you may not want to, in any way, jeopardize your one chance at restoring your medical license. This is why you must not question your instinct to retain the services of a skilled OPMC misconduct defense lawyer. Our team at Walker Medical Law will work to determine which legal option best suits you.