Are OPMC Board Actions Made Public?

When a medical professional such as a physician, physician assistant, or another medical specialist has a complaint made about them to the Office of Professional Medical Conduct, they will undergo an investigation and a hearing to discuss the findings of the investigation. The New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct will make a decision at the hearing based on what has been found in the investigation and determine whether the medical professional violated the standards they are held to and ultimately, what penalties they should face. In the event that the medical professional does undergo an investigation, the results of the hearing will be available for public knowledge and are published on the Office of Professional Medical Conduct’s physician discipline search.

Anyone can search a medical professional using this tool and view the following information:

  • Statements of charges, regardless of whether the charges were contested
  • The decision made by the Hearing Committee of the Board for Professional Medical Conduct
  • The Administrative Review Board’s appeal decision for the Board for Professional Medical Conduct, if the person in question chose to appeal the Board’s initial decision

This search feature shows all disciplinary actions and Board Orders for all physicians and other medical professionals since 1990. If you have received a complaint letter from the Office of Professional Medical Conduct, contact our firm today to discuss your future.

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