Can a Pharmacist be Liable for Medical Malpractice?

The job of a pharmacist is to take care of people’s prescriptions from their doctors. This involves making sure all medicine is being administered properly and safely. While this seems simple enough, these individuals are trained for their job because any mistakes that are made can cause harm to the patient receiving the medication. In the event of this, pharmacists can face a medical malpractice claim. These lawsuits have the potential to damage a person’s life, career, and reputation. It is because of this that those facing these situations should retain the services of an experienced New York medical defense attorney for assistance with their case. 

How Can a Pharmacist Commit Malpractice?

Pharmacists hold a great deal of responsibility within their job. They make sure that people receive the medication they need in order to get better. When a pharmacist is trained, they are taught to distribute and authorize medications for all patients with caution. This is because they are in charge of harmful or addictive medications that can injure patients if prescriptions are not filled properly. In the event that this happens, they can be held liable for breaching their duty of care. However, patients are required to prove causation if they wish to pursue legal action. A proactive and aggressive medical defense attorney can fight to protect pharmacists in these situations. 

Examples of Pharmacist Negligence

There are different ways a pharmacist can engage in negligent activity that may result in medical malpractice. This can include:

  • Failure to review a prescription in relation to a patient’s medical history
  • Failure to contact a patient’s healthcare provider if there are any concerns regarding prescribed drugs
  • Failure to explain all the potential side effects of a drug to a patient
  • Failure to ensure prescriptions from multiple physicians can be taken together

What Happens During a Malpractice Lawsuit?

Pharmacists who are facing medical malpractice claims will most likely be the subject of an investigation done by the Office of Professional Discipline (OPD). These investigations call the professional’s entire practice and career into question. It is because of this that it can significantly impact their livelihood. In some cases, these individuals can even be stripped of their medical licenses. It is crucial to have a medical defense attorney to prevent this from happening. 

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