What are the Consequences When a Mental Health Provider Takes Advantage of a Patient in a Sexual Manner?

Mental health providers in New York State have an absolute duty to avoid any type of sexual advances or experiences with their patients. The word “providers” includes psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. When there is sexual contact, it is usually begun with subtle grooming of the patient by the provider. Words with double meanings are […]

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What to Know About Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Against Medical Professionals

As you know, whenever anyone is accused of sexual misconduct, they can bet that they will face a wide array of very serious consequences if they are found guilty of such misconduct. That being said, this is all the more true for medical professionals, for if they are convicted of sexual misconduct or inappropriate sexual […]

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What to do if you are a Psychologist Being Accused of Medical Malpractice

When people see a psychologist, it means they need somebody to talk to–somebody they can trust. As a psychologist, it is your duty to ensure you do all you can to help patients get to a place mentally where they no longer need your assistance to be a happy, productive member of society. Fortunately, most […]

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What Happens if I am an Uninsured Physician and am Under Investigation?

If you are a physician who did not buy the “tail” of your Claims Made Medical Malpractice Insurance Policy, you may be panicking if you have received a letter stating that you are under investigation. Physicians deserve the freedom and respect to do their jobs to the utmost of their ability, so if you are […]

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Crackdown Aimed at Harassment in New York Hospitals

After several hospitals in New York state recently came under fire for acting as environments that tolerated sexual harassment by medical professionals, Governor Cuomo introduced legislation to hold violators accountable. The 30-day budget amendment allows the New York State Department of Health Commissioner to require any physician who has been charged with felony misconduct in […]

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Sexual Misconduct By A Pediatrician With The Mothers Of His Pediatric Patients.

We recently represented a pediatrician who put himself in a very poor professional position and fortunately is finally back practicing medicine. This physician was practicing medicine in a state outside of New York and while there he had an affair with the mother of one of his pediatric patients. He also made remarks to other […]

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