Doctors Practicing with Mental Illnesses

Doctors are just as susceptible to mental illness as anyone else and sometimes, they will ignore their symptoms until they get to the point where their condition has the potential to put their patients at risk. If a doctor’s mental state is not under control and something goes wrong, they should seek treatment to try and get their illness under control. Mental illnesses unfortunately have a stigma against them and they have a tendency to be ignored, overlooked, and not given the treatment they deserve. If a doctor chooses to ignore their illness to the point of a mental breakdown, they might lose their license if deemed unfit to practice. If they seek professional help, they might be able to keep their license.

In the event that they choose to continue to practice, they should definitely seek medical attention to ensure that they have their illness under control. They should regularly speak with their psychiatrist, have the correct medications, receive therapy and coping skills to do everything they can in order to find success. If they can prove that they are going through these steps, the state will likely allow them to continue practicing and keep their medical license. You may have to send the state licensure board updates on your progress. They might want to speak with your psychiatrist to determine whether or not your mental health is in good enough shape to continue holding your license.

Though it is unfortunate, there are some situations in which a doctor simply is not healthy enough to continue practicing medicine and they are not always able to keep their medical license. However, if you can prove that the treatment you are receiving is working and your medicines are under control, which tends to take some time, you may be able to get your licensure back from the state. One of the most important things you can do in this situation is keep the state informed and keep on top of your treatments. Have your physician regularly speak to the New York State licensure board and make sure the necessary parties are aware of your progress. You should be honest with yourself about the current status of your mental health. If you are concerned that you may be suffering from a mental illness, you should speak with a mental health professional who can help you through this difficult time.

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