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Walker Medical Law Blog is brought to you by Paul E. Walker, a New York based attorney. Mr. Walker is the past President of the New York State Medial Defense Association and has a network of colleagues nation-wide who are experts in every state.

Mr. Walker has tried over 125 medical malpractice cases to verdict involving all medical specialties.  He also has, for over 20 years, represented physicians, physician assistants, nurses and other medical professionals when they have been investigated by OPMC or OPD.  Since these investigations involve the possible loss of your license it is imperative that you retain an experienced attorney who knows how to obtain the best possible result for your situation.  This is not an area that you should attempt to handle by yourself as the ramifications of an adverse decision can damage your entire career.

Mr. Walker also represents individuals who are faced with sanctions from their hospital administration.  This too is an area where  you require the assistance of a lawyer who has experience with this type of situation.  One of the problems is that a sanction by your hospital might have you sitting in front of an OPMC investigator explaining what went wrong.  This is something you truly do not want to have happen.

OPMC and OPD investigations can result from any type of issue, but the large majority fall into the categories of substance abuse, sexual issues, insurance fraud and gross negligence.  If you receive a letter from either OPMC or OPD, you will be best served by obtaining representation as soon as possible.  Your license is too valuable to put in jeopardy.

Please contact us for any state specific questions or for a referral to an expert in your state.

This informational video was brought to you by Paul E. Walker, an experienced New York City OPMC & OPD Lawyer.