How Do I Prepare for My Initial Consultation with a Physician Defense Lawyer?

As a physician, having any legal action taken against you can be scary. So, at the first sign of this threat, you must retain legal representation immediately. This starts with contacting a law firm and scheduling an initial consultation with one of its lawyers. You must make the most of this consultation to ascertain that committing to a contract with this firm and lawyer is the most appropriate fit. This means that you must do your homework ahead of your scheduled meeting. Read on to discover how to best prepare for your initial consultation with one of the seasoned New York physician defense lawyers from Walker Medical Law.

How can I tell that I need a physician defense lawyer?

Something significant must have happened during your practice of medicine for you to now be considering a physician defense lawyer. That is, if you experienced any of the following circumstances, then seeking an initial consultation may be most definitely necessary:

  • You may have received a non-disciplinary notice from the New York State Department of Health’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) or Office of Professional Discipline (OPD).
  • You may have received an order to submit to an investigation and/or attend a hearing with the OPMC or OPD Board.
  • Your employer may have notified you of an internal investigation of a medical misconduct complaint made against you.
  • You may have received a formal medical malpractice complaint from your patient, colleague, or employer (i.e., civil lawsuit).

How can I sufficiently prepare for my initial consultation with a physician defense lawyer?

Now that you know you need an initial consultation with a physician defense lawyer, you must put in the hard work to sufficiently prepare for it.

This may primarily entail collecting documentation relevant to your upcoming medical misconduct case. Namely, you may bring the notice of the investigation, hearing, or civil lawsuit against you for the alleged medical misconduct incident. You may also carry insurance papers, medical records, and anything else that may work to prove your innocence in the matter.

Then, you may supply your written notes on the sequence of events for the alleged medical misconduct incident. In the same vein of preparedness, you may also want to bring a list of questions you wish to ask a lawyer during the meeting. This is so you do not forget anything in a state of nervousness or overwhelmingness. In other words, this is so a lawyer may conclude what your next legal step should be, and whether this next step is best taken with them representing you.

In conclusion, to set yourself up for success, we believe it to be in your best interest to retain the services of one of the competent New York physician defense lawyers. Contact Walker Medical Law today.