How to Negotiate with OPMC or OPD

When you go to an interview with OPMC or OPD, they are going to give you a chance to tell your story. After that, they may decide that they want to prosecute you and take you to a hearing. You want to avoid that if you can. If you can’t, of course, you go to the hearing and defend yourself. You want to take a look at the whole case yourself and decide, “Can I really defend this case, or would it be better for me to negotiate some sort of settlement with OPMC or OPD so that I can continue to practice?”

You may not like this, because it may end up in a censure and reprimand, or it may end up with a fine, or both, or probation. You have to understand the ramifications of all of those things. The worst possible result is to have your license revoked. You have to make an intelligent, informed decision of “What do I want to do? Do I want to go to hearing, or do I want to agree to some much lesser punishment, and hope I can put this behind me?”

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