Is My Medical Career at Risk Due to Alcoholism?

Medical professionals, like anyone else, may face hardship in their lives. This may include alcoholism for some. These medical professionals may be concerned about their ability to maintain their medical careers while battling addiction. If a medical professional allows their addiction to impact their practice and patients, they may face consequences after being investigated by the OPMC.

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Is my medical career at risk due to alcoholism?

Medical professionals who suffer from alcoholism may risk losing their job. Any form of medical treatment or advisement that is done under the influence can cause severe harm to the patient. If a patient or peer believes that a medical professional has a substance abuse problem or that they have performed medical treatment under the influence, they may register a complaint with the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC). The OPMC will then launch an investigation into the medical professional’s career. The OPMC may discover that the professional is unable to continue practicing medicine.

What consequences can I face for alcoholism as a medical professional?

Depending on the findings of the OPMC’s investigation, the consequences a medical professional may face regarding alcoholism will vary. The OPMC’s most common punishment will be censure and reprimand.¬†The individual may also be subject to a fine or increased liability insurance.

Can I protect myself?

A medical professional can avoid these consequences by recognizing their addiction and seeking help. When an individual recognizes their problem, they can go to the Committee on Physicians Health where they will enter a program of rehabilitation. By doing so, it may be possible for the individual to avoid having their license revoked permanently if the OPMC recognizes the effort made to correct the wrongs they have done and change their life for the better.

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