License Suspension for Doctor That Keyed Car

Medical professionals are fully expected to have good morals both inside their practice and out. A psychiatrist who practices in Brentwood, New York has been convicted of criminal mischief in the fourth degree after she got into an argument with a stranger in a parking lot and ultimately keyed the stranger’s car. Now, she is facing professional penalties with the New York State Department of Health and the Board for Professional Medical Conduct. Her license to practice psychiatry was suspended for one year and she was to be on probation for two years. However, when the psychiatrist made the decision to appeal her penalties, the Administrative Review Board made the decision to remove the probation period of two years. In addition, the Administrative Review Board requested that another evaluation committee decides whether they believe the psychiatrist should have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation herself. Not surprisingly, she appealed this decision as well. It seems as though the Administrative Review Board and the court both agree that despite the fact that she completed her criminal penalties, she is still not able to control her own emotions and should, therefore, undergo evaluation.

Any time a medical professional is facing license suspension and other penalties, it is important that they retain the services of an experienced attorney as soon as possible who can fight on his or her behalf.

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