NYC License Restoration

When a medical professional is accused of misconduct by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct, they are facing a very serious situation. The doctor or nurse must go through an investigation and a hearing, understanding that they are at risk of losing their license. This typically only happens in the worst case scenarios. Medical professionals who lose their license may wonder: will I ever be able to restore my medical license and practice medicine again?

The process of applying for a medical license restoration in New York is complicated. This is quite frankly because the state views being able to practice medicine as a privilege, not a right, no matter how much one thinks otherwise. In the most serious of cases, medical licenses are permanently revoked and the individual will never be able to practice medicine again. In other cases, medical professionals are allowed to pursue license restoration three years after it was initially revoked. Individuals who apply for a license restoration must also include a check made out to the New York State Education Department for $750. The Board of Regents will decide whether or not they should have their license restored and determine whether they will be at risk of committing the misconduct again.

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